Wednesday Handicap League

This is our club’s signature league. Club membership is required to compete – but all are welcome to come out and play.

This is a 16 week league. Anyone is welcome to play at anytime.

New for 2013

We will be implementing 3 handicapped divisions; Recreational, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Each division will award prizes to the top 3 point earners after the 16 weeks. No scores will be dropped this year. The divisions are player chosen, but your average scratch score should fall in to the following guidelines.
Recreational: 60 and higher
Intermediate: 55 – 59
Advanced: 54 and lower
Click here to see your 2012 League Scratch Scores/Averages
Click here to see 2012 League Averages sorted by Division Guidelines

Handicaps will be calculated based off at minimum 1 previous round. A players first week of league will award 1 point to each player per division. After a minimum of 1 previous round, points will be calculated using a handicap adjusted score.

For league play, the handicap used will be based off 80% of: your average score for all previous rounds minus par (54). The formula to calculate your handicap looks like this: Week n: ( AVG[last n rounds] - 54 ) x .8
In plain words: Your handicap to be used for week 6 would be calculated by taking the average of your score from weeks 1-6, then subtract 54 from that, and then take 80% of that number – rounded down.

Your weekly points are calculated by awarding 1 point for each player your handicap adjusted score is lower then; for the week; per your division – plus 1 for showing up. The first round recorded for all players will award only 1 point to ensure fairness.
Example: If you throw a 57 and your handicap is -2, your adjusted score is 55. If 10 people from your division play that week and your adjusted score of 55 is lower then 6 other players (you beat 6 players with your handicap adjusted score) – your points for that week will be 6 plus 1 for showing up – for a total of 7.

Club Tags are redistributed after league play each week using your scratch score.

2013 League Schedule

Week 1 May 8 Loomiller
Week 2 May 15 Centennial
Week 3 May 22 Loomiller
Week 4 May 29 Centennial
Week 5 June 5 Loomiller
Week 6 June 12 Centennial
Week 7 June 19 Loomiller
Week 8 June 26 Centennial
Week 9 July 3 Loomiller
Week 10 July 10 Centennial
Week 11 July 17 Loomiller
Week 12 July 24 Centennial
Week 13 July 31 Loomiller
Week 14 August 7 Centennial
Week 15 August 14 Loomiller
Week 16 August 21 Centennial

League Information

  • Sign in: 5:40pm – 5:55pm
  • Tee Time: 6:00pm
  • Ace Pool: $1 (optional)
  • Mulligan Raffle: $1 (optional)
  • Weekly Side Pool: $5 (optional, overall handicap score)

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