2014 Lunacy VI


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Date: 04-Oct to 05-Oct-2014
Location: Longmont, CO, United States
Saturday Round 1: Loomiller Disc Golf Course / Centennial Disc Golf Course (split field)
Saturday Round 2: Loomiller Disc Golf Course / Centennial Disc Golf Course (split field)
Sunday Round 3: Centennial Disc Golf Course (split field – morning/afternoon)
Tournament Director: Frank Baris
Phone: 720-445-5301
Email: lunacy@longspeakdiscgolf.com
Registration/Website: www.longspeakdiscgolf.com/lunacy
PDGA Tournament Page: http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/17328 (registration list)
Fees:$5 from entry used for PDGA & Paypal Fees.

Notes:Registration is limited to the first 90 entrants. Registration will close on Sept. 28 at 10pm and/or when the field size has been reached. No offline registrations accepted. The split fields for rounds 1 & 2 will be determined after registration has closed and then posted here and at the PDGA tournament page. Make sure to register using the correct button below depending on your current PDGA status. After registering below, you will be brought to a confirmation page. You will then receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. AM player pack to include tournament stamped disc and shirt. Volunteers needed – please email Frank if interested. Sponsorships available – click here.

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Oct. 5, 2014

Scores for Round 3 have been entered and are posted on the Official PDGA Tournament page.

Lunacy VI – PDGA Tournament Page

Oct. 4, 2014

Scores for Rounds 1 & 2 have been entered and are now posted on the Official PDGA Tournament page.

See you all tomorrow at Centennial for Round 3!!
Lunacy VI – PDGA Tournament Page

Oct. 1, 2014

The tournament weekend is fast approaching and I’m sure everyone is getting excited to play LPDGC’s first PDGA sanctioned event – LUNACY VI. We have been working to get everything setup and ready. Both courses, Loomiller and Centennial, have been moved to the tournament positions for Rounds 1 and 2. The layout for Round 3 on Sunday will be setup for the day of the round – creating a surprise challenge for all divisions.

Round 1/2 – Centennial: short/standard layout
Round 1/2 – Loomiller: “Lunacy” layout
Round 3 – Centennial: “Lunacy” layout

The split field Groups have been finalized and are based on divisions. Please make note of which Group your division is listed in for start times and courses for each round.

Group A:
Open Men (MPO)
Open Women (FPO)
Open Masters (MPM)
Advanced Masters (MM1)
Advanced Women (FA1)
Intermediate Women (FA2)
Group B:
Advanced Men (MA1)
Intermediate Men (MA2)
Rec. Men (MA3)
Rec. Women (FA3)

The schedule for the weekend is now finalized and included here. The times posted are approximate and may change through out the weekend. Please bookmark the LUNACY VI tournament page on the LPDGC Club website as well as the LPDGC Facebook page for up-to-date announcements and schedule changes.

4:00pm – Free Clinic hosted by Scott Stokely – Centennial Park
5:30pm – Random Draw “Fly High” Doubles – Centennial Park
8:30-9:45am – Player Check-In
Group A @ Loomiller
Group B @ Centennial

9:45am – Players Meeting
10:00-10:30am – Round 1
12:30p – 1:30p Lunch Break (min 1 Hour from last card in)
2:00-2:30pm – Round 2
Group A @ Centennial
Group B @ Loomiller

5:00pm – End of Day 1
(Groups A & B @ Centennial)
9:00am – Player Check-In Group B
10:00am – Start Round 3(B).
12:30p – Player Check-In Group A
1:30pm – Start Round 3(A).
1:30pm – Group B Awards
4:00pm – Group A Awards
4:30pm – End of Day 2

As announced earlier this week, the added activities for Friday are now on the schedule and will be held at Centennial Park. There will be a FREE clinic hosted by Scott Stokely (PDGA #3140) which will be followed by Random Draw “Fly High” Doubles. Information has been posted on both the LPDGC Club website and Facebook page.

Sept. 29, 2014

Round 3 on Sunday Oct 5 will be played at Centennial Park for ALL PLAYERS. Group B will play in the morning & Group A will play in the afternoon.

Due to so many conditions out of our control we do not feel comfortable using Longmont’s new 18-hole course, Dry Creek. We as a Club have put in alot of work on the course in preparation of Lunacy VI over the past 2 months since the City of Longmont put the baskets in and it’s still not ready – especially for a PDGA event. We have received feedback from Club members and Lunacy entrants that solidify our position and agree we should not use it for Lunacy VI this year. We have decided to keep the field split on Sunday for Round 3 and have everyone play Centennial. Group B will play in the morning and Group B will play in the afternoon. Group B will receive their awards while Group A plays and can spectate the players in Group A afterwards. Awards for Group A will follow immediately after Group A finishes their round.

The course layouts and maps are still being finished. On Saturday, Loomiller Park will be setup in our “Lunacy” layout and Centennial will be setup in a shorter standard course layout. Then, on Sunday, Centennial will be setup in a more difficult “Lunacy” layout.

I am also excited to announce some added activities for Friday, Oct 3. Scott Stokely will be holding a FREE clinic at Centennial Park beginning at 4:00pm. He will then host a Random Draw Doubles to start at 5:30pm. Information for Friday’s activities are available on Facebook and LPDGC Club website.

We understand that changing the plans for Lunacy VI is not ideal – but we are striving to provide the best possible experience here in Longmont while you play LPDGC’s Lunacy VI Tournament. Thank you for understanding.



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As of Oct. 01, 2014 at 9:30pm – 89 of 90 entrants have registered.

Registration for Lunacy VI is full and/or closed.

Current Wait List (44)

As of 10/01/2014 – 9:30pm
✉ = notified of open spot
✔ = registered
✘ = declined and/or failed to respond

  1. ✘ Keith Vest – Open Men
  2. ✔ James O’Leary – Open Men
  3. ✔ Zac Coisman – Open Men
  4. ✔ Williams Cantrell – Open Men
  5. ✔ Eric Naegele – Advanced Men
  6. ✔ Jason McConnell – Rec. Men
  7. ✘ Connor Mitts – Open Men
  8. ✔ Ricardo Martinez – Advanced Men
  9. ✔ Angelina Videtto – Intermediate Women
  10. ✔ Roy Haro – Rec. Men
  11. ✘ Matt Budenholzer – Intermediate Men
  12. ✔ Bill Dormont – Intermediate Men
  13. ✉ Jacob Hicks – Rec. Men
  14. Ashley Hicks – Rec. Women
  15. Daniel Herrera – Intermediate Men
  16. Doug Larhette – Advanced Masters
  17. Alex Hall – Advanced Men
  18. Tyler Schrock – Intermediate Men
  19. Andy Bond – Intermediate Men
  20. Gary Mustard – Advanced Men
  21. John Seng – Intermediate Men
  22. Ian Millard – Open Men
  23. Aaron Saunders – Intermediate Men
  24. Budd Kerr – Advanced Men
  25. Kyle Griffin – Open Men
  26. Ryan Bloom – Advanced Men
  27. Ron Brown – Intermediate Men
  28. Jordon Disch – Intermediate Men
  29. Justin Fern – Intermediate Men
  30. Zach Kahla – Intermediate Men
  31. Frank Sailas – Intermediate Men
  32. Evan Manee – Open Men
  33. Trevor Gagstetter – Advanced Men
  34. Josh Adams – Open Men
  35. Scott Osterhoudt – Open Men
  36. Brian Ricks – Intermediate Men
  37. Brandon Aycock – Advanced Men
  38. Kenneth Beck – Intermediate Men
  39. Jason Daniels – Intermediate Men
  40. Ronnie Ross – Intermediate Men
  41. Sal Ross – Intermediate Men
  42. Aaron Grunwald – Open Men
  43. Rory Conrad – Advanced Men
  44. Barry Noakes – Open Men

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel for the event, it must be made by email to lunacy@longspeakdiscgolf.com. Cancellations before registration closes will receive a full refund minus a $5 processing and cancellation fee. Failure to contact us to cancel your spot, or less than 7 days from the event, will forfeit their entry fee and only receive the standard players’ package for the event.