Round 3 on Sunday Oct 5 will be played at Centennial Park for ALL PLAYERS. Group B will play in the morning & Group A will play in the afternoon.

Due to so many conditions out of our control we do not feel comfortable using Longmont’s new 18-hole course, Dry Creek. We as a Club have put in alot of work on the course in preparation of Lunacy VI over the past 2 months since the City of Longmont put the baskets in and it’s still not ready – especially for a PDGA event. We have received feedback from Club members and Lunacy entrants that solidify our position and agree we should not use it for Lunacy VI this year. We have decided to keep the field split on Sunday for Round 3 and have everyone play Centennial. Group B will play in the morning and Group B will play in the afternoon. Group B will receive their awards while Group A plays and can spectate the players in Group A afterwards. Awards for Group A will follow immediately after Group A finishes their round.

The course layouts and maps are still being finished. On Saturday, Loomiller Park will be setup in our “Lunacy” layout and Centennial will be setup in a shorter standard course layout. Then, on Sunday, Centennial will be setup in a more difficult “Lunacy” layout.

I am also excited to announce some added activities for Friday, Oct 3. Scott Stokely will be holding a FREE clinic at Centennial Park beginning at 4:00pm. He will then host a Random Draw Doubles to start at 5:30pm. Information for Friday’s activities are available on Facebook and LPDGC Club website.

We understand that changing the plans for Lunacy VI is not ideal – but we are striving to provide the best possible experience here in Longmont while you play LPDGC’s Lunacy VI Tournament.

Groupings will be emailed to all entrants, posted here, and on the Lunacy VI tournament pages on Wednesday Oct 1. Please stay tuned for more information as tournament weekend approaches.

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2014 Summer League – Final Results

First, I’d like to thank everyone for coming out and playing – rain or shine – the past 4 months this summer. Without all of you, we wouldn’t have our Summer League! I’d also like to thank Pete, Sean, Brett, Colten, and Tim for helping out each week – I definitely could not do this alone and appreciate all your help!

Congratulations to our winners. We will be awarding prizes this Sunday (Sept. 7, 2014 @ 1:30pm) to the top 3 players in each division. The Award Party will include a ring-of-fire with some great prizes for everyone, food, and drinks.
*UPDATE* – no charge for food!!

The final results are below…

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2014 Summer League – Week 15 Standings

This Wednesday is the final round of the LPDGC Summer League, which will be played at Centennial Disc Park.
Week 15 results are posted. The adjusted scores have been included for reference until the final results are posted after the final week.

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Lunacy VI – Registration is LIVE

Registration is now LIVE –


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2014 Summer League – Week 14 Standings

We’re coming down to the final 2 rounds of the summer. The points in each division are very close. The adjusted scores (lowest 2 weeks removed) will be included in next weeks standings. Due to Dry Creek still not being fully usable, we will hold the final round (Week 16) at Centennial.
The League Award party is September 7. It will be held at Loomiller Park in the Pavilion near hole 1. Family/friends are welcome and food and drinks will be available ($5 per person). We will have a sign-up sheet at League this week and next, please make sure to write your name and how many are coming with you.
The money in the Ace Pool will be used for the party if it is not hit by end of Week 16.

** Lunacy VI announcement/registration coming this week **


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2014 Summer League – Week 13 Standings

Sorry for the delay in getting last weeks standings posted.
This week we are at Centennial with 3 weeks left in the season.
Top 3 spots from each division will win prizes, using the best 14 weeks points (drop 2 lowest weeks).
The RACE is ON!

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2014 Summer League – Week 12 Standings

The points earned this week were all well deserved by all those that showed up and played through yet another wet and rainy Wednesday evening.
Both the CTP prize and the raffle were won by Nate B. – congratulations!


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2014 Summer League – Week 11 Standings

Yet another packed field at Loomiller with 49 total members on the course throwing plastic at the baskets! The CTP on Hole 9 short was won by Sean S. and the raffle prize of a brand new Dynamic Discs Cadet Bag was won by Ted W., who will layout the pin positions for Week 13.

We will be releasing some information in the next week regarding the upcoming club events, including the League Award Party, 3rd Annual Charity Tournament, and a fundraiser event to support our first ever PDGA sanctioned tournament – Lunacy VI. The club event page has been current and updated throughout the year – please visit the page for dates and times.


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2014 Summer League – Week 10 Standings

RAIN! Lots of rain… but we still had 43 members out on the course adding points to their League standings.
Nate won the CTP prize and Bill D won the raffle – awarding both of them brand new plastic from DD/Lat64.
Week 11 will be at Loomiller – the weather will likely me more cooperative :-)


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2014 Summer League – Week 9 Standings

Just a little late with the Week 9 standings. The Trilogy Challenge kept all of us busy this week – but it was well worth it.
Week 10 will be at Centennial due to Dry Creek still being unplayable.


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